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How to Use a Car Battery Charger

Car Battery Charger

Car battery chargers are great tools to keep your vehicle in good working order. A healthy battery is needed to take on your commute from Omaha to Lincoln, so learning how to use a car battery charger is a great skill to possess. If you’ve never used a car battery charger before, you likely have a few questions like “How to use a car battery charger?” or “How long to charge a car battery?” Below, our service tips will teach you all you need to know about portable car battery chargers and more!



Prepping the Car Battery Charger

If you have a battery that still has some power, there’s a good chance that a jolt from the charger will get it going again. Before starting, however, you may need to remove the battery to charge it. While most car batteries are easy to access, some are located in the trunk, under a fender, or under the seat. If your battery is difficult to reach, you may need extra tools to access it. You can also rely on our expert team to handle this task for you. Simply book an appointment with us the next time you need car care!

What Are the Types of Car Battery Chargers? 

When it comes to car battery chargers, there are three main types: charger, maintainer, and restorer. Review them here:

  • Charger: Generally, chargers provide a low-amp charge to recharge a battery in about 24 hours, although they come with different outputs. You can also find portable car battery chargers that you can keep in your vehicle for peace of mind on those longer trips. 
  • Maintainer: As the name implies, maintainers monitor the battery’s charge level and stop the charge cycle when the battery is full. These are great tools for providing consistent power without overcharging. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly option, you can find solar-powered maintainers to keep your battery in good shape!
  • Restorer: Over time, car batteries can begin to formulate lead sulfate crystals when the charge runs low. The build-up of lead sulfate crystals prevents the battery from reaching a full charge. This is where restorers come in. Restorers use a desulfator to restore the battery properly. 

Important Note: If you routinely need to use your portable car battery charger, you likely have a bigger issue that needs to be addressed. Visit our service center for an inspection if that’s the case. 

How to Charge a Battery

To learn how to use a car battery charger, first turn off the charger, then follow these instructions:

  • Attach the charger’s positive cable to the battery’s positive terminal.
  • Attach the charger’s negative cable to the battery’s negative terminal. 
  • Adjust the charger to its slowest charge rate.
  • Then, power on the charger and set a timer.
  • When you’re ready to disconnect the charger, make sure it’s off first
  • Then, detach the cables. 

How Long to Charge a Car Battery 

Are you wondering how long to charge a car battery? The answer depends on the output of your charger and the condition of the battery. If the voltage of the battery is less than 11.85, and you have a 5-amp charger, you’ll need roughly 12 hours to charge your battery. If you have a 10 amp charger, the charge time will be cut down to six hours. Those time estimates are based on a car battery with 400-500 cold-cranking amps. The number of cold-cranking amps, as well as the battery’s voltage, will determine your charging times. 

Get Battery Service or Replacement at Sid Dillon Chevrolet-blair Inc! 

While we’re happy to teach you about portable car battery chargers and how to clean leather car seats, we understand that you may prefer to let the professionals care for your vehicle. If that’s the case, explore our service coupons for added savings with your next visit. Our Blair team is here to help you take on the Fremont streets in a safe vehicle for years to come!


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