What is Engine Knocking?

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Engines make their fair share of noise while navigating Omaha, but usually, the sounds are subtle. If you hear an unusual clunk or rumble, it might be an engine knock. What is engine knocking? It’s a warning sign that your engine could use some help from our service department. Find out more about the causes of engine knock and how to prevent it with Sid Dillon Chevrolet-blair Inc.

Engine Knock Explained

So, what is engine knocking? An engine knock occurs when your fuel burns unevenly in your engine. When everything works properly, your engine cylinders burn fuel in small “pockets” rather than all at once. One pocket will burn, which ignites the next pocket, and so foth. When an engine knock occurs, the fuel doesn’t burn steadily bit by bit. The ignition goes off at the wrong time, which causes a loud noise that can cause damage. Plus, it can disrupt your peace and quiet on the Lincoln roads.

Causes of Engine Knocking

There are several common causes of engine knocking, so if you hear something strange, it’s important to head to the service center. Our technicians will give you an accurate diagnosis, so we can resolve the problem once and for all. Here are a few of the most common problems we see in Fremont:

  • Spark Plugs: Spark plugs don’t last forever, and most manufacturers recommend a replacement every 30,000 miles. Bad spark plugs can lead not just to engine knocks but also to decreased engine power and efficiency.
  • Low-Octane Fuel: One of the most common causes of engine knocking is the wrong gasoline. Higher-octane formulas are designed to prevent engine knocks, and some cars require it. Check your owner’s manual to see if you could be causing damage by using low-octane fuel.
  • Carbon Deposits: Carbon builds up on your cylinders over time, which narrows the space inside your cylinder – leading to more potential engine knocks. Our technicians can inspect your engine to see whether or not your carbon build-up could be the cause of your engine troubles.

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