Benefits of OEM Chevy Parts

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Whether you need to repair your Chevy or perform basic maintenance, you want to use Chevrolet OEM parts. OEM stands for “original equipment manufacturer” and are parts or accessories that are made by the Chevrolet company. While you can find a variety of aftermarket parts in Fremont, buying OEM Chevy parts ensures you have a part that will fit your vehicle and work properly when it’s installed. Learn more about the benefits of using Chevy OEM parts with Sid Dillon Chevrolet-blair Inc below, then browse our parts center to find the Chevy part you need!

What Are Aftermarket Parts?

If you’re looking for car parts in Lincoln or online, you’ll find that a variety of vendors make and sell parts that will fit your Chevy vehicle. However, these parts are not made by the Chevrolet manufacturer, and their quality varies greatly across the board.

While aftermarket parts are cheaper than OEM Chevy parts, it’s because they’re made to fit a wide range of vehicles, and not the exact dimensions of your Chevy model. Because your Chevy is designed for high performance, OEM Chevy parts are built to fit the exact dimensions of your vehicle and work in tandem with its other parts. Aftermarket parts can’t provide the same quality or durability as OEM parts, and often wear out quicker as well.

Chevy OEM Parts vs. Aftermarket Parts

While aftermarket parts sold in Omaha seem like a good deal for your budget, OEM Chevy parts offer additional benefits that will assist you and your vehicle for miles to come:

  • Less Overwhelming Selection: Whether you’re shopping for a replacement part or special performance parts, you won’t have to worry about comparing quality and price. You’ll get the appropriate part at a reasonable price without all the second-guessing.
  • Warranty Coverage: OEM GM parts and OEM Chevy parts are covered with a Limited Parts Warranty. Using an aftermarket part could jeopardize your warranty coverage if it can be proven that the part caused damage to your vehicle.

The bottom line: OEM Chevy parts are made to last as long as the original part you’re replacing. The same can’t be said for aftermarket parts.

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